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Magento Web Design and Theme Development

  A custom Magento theme can bring improvements to your eCommerce store. Magento allows you to create templates rather than using default one. You can easily customize magento default templates, its code too according to your requirements. Themes rarely account for any customization you may require, or want to add in the future – as your online trade evolves and grows. Most themes are based around standard “out-of-the-box” Magento and only style the main Magento pages, It would be a miracle if they worked on any additional or bespoke pages you have .We have a proven track record of building eye catchy themes for Magento website and online store. Our Magento expert developers have created many themes with their creativity with concerning latest technologies.

Our Magento Theme Customization and Development Services Includes :

  • SEO Friendly Magento Web Design
  • Magento eCommerce Theme Design
  • User Experience
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Shopping Cart Theme Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Optimized Code to run Store Smoothly
  • PSD To Magento Integration
  • User Friendly Navigation

Our expert developers have a great understanding of every business and there for, they are Designing website with right and proper look. Our team closely understands your requirements and market strategies before taking off with your project. We are creating an excellent designing site that allows you easy communication with your customers.

Magento Theme Development

Themes are an important part for any website or eCommerce store. They are the most important part of the front end UI and the back end interface also. There are two things which make Magento the most powerful and flexible eCommerce platform, one is organized structure and the other its millions of functionalities.

The very first thing that any developer can do while creating any new project in Magento, is create a Magento theme which have custom styling and functionality. Creating a Magento theme is not easy and simple.You have to do is to follow Magento recommendations and rules to make things more simplified. Developing a Magento theme is for advanced web developers and online Company comfortable with coding, programming and editing site structure. If you are not able  to create a custom theme for Magento or would like assistance from professionals, feel free to contact us at Kovaisys. We’re Magento experts and have experience building custom Magento themes for different variety of eCommerce stores.

Magento Theme Installation

Not only to develop a Custom theme it’s also possible to install themes that are already available which may fit What your store needs with slight modification or none. we select the theme that matches your expectations. It’s important before purchasing a theme look for the demo of the theme , We go through each and every page and if possible check some store which has already installed that theme then decide to Purchase a Responsive Magento Theme. Theme installation is recommended to install a theme through a developers for accuracy and any quick fixes.

We Are Help You On Custom Magento Theme Development

Developing a Custom-Magento-Theme from scratch can be an lengthy process for any company or store without web development experience. However, this is important to customize a theme because, The theme helps an eCommerce Merchant to gain more sales, optimize his performance,improve search rankings, and functionality as well to provide a unique user experience .

If your need a new custom theme for Magento, contact Kovaisys at: USA (984) 464-0487

You can also request a free audit of your store from the experts at Kovaisys by filling our “Request A Quote” form and get a free consultation at any time.