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Magento Support and Maintenance Services

 When it comes to your Magento store, you want to have a experienced,smart team in your corner to help you navigate the platform, create custom features when necessary, and get you information to make informed business decisions, That team is Kovaisys. At Kovaisys, we have a team of highly dedicated professionals to handle Magento Maintenance and Support Services for your Magento eCommerce store.Our Magento Developers have years of experience in Magento Development and can easily take care of Magento Maintenance issues.We are providing Top-tier support whether you are stuck with Magento Store configuration or need to solve programming related bugs.

Our Monthly Support Packages

Magento services Starter Standard Advanced

5 Hours / month

10Hours/ month

15Hours /month

Help & support

Product updates

Normal/Technical consultation

Graphics updates – product/ Banners images

Magento extension upgrade/installation

Bug fixes


Customization of Magento

Phone support

Integration with 3rd party services

Magento version upgradation

Additional features Development

Monthly google analytics recommendations implementation

Google submission of sitemap

Monthly support package with 6months commitment

Kovaisys also offers extra hours to purchase and you can use those hours towards the development needs as per your need.

Starter Standard Advanced
Packages $549 $1049 $1449
Number of Hours 5 Hours 10 Hours 15 Hours

We can assist with the day-to-day maintenance of your site, including all the tasks associated with eCommerce store management and administration. While we can manage an entire online store, and take on all administrator responsibilities,  Regardless of your team’s technical ability, Kovaisys’s team of expert Magento developers will provide detailed training in an easy-to-learn and supportive, educational environment.

Through our Magento training, your business members will learn all the responsibilities of an effective Magento site administrator, including:

  • Updating the home page banners, sliders and promotional graphics.
  • Managing databases ,sales, products.
  • Promoting featured and highest-selling products effectively to increase sales.
  • Addition of New products , features, promotions .
  • How to Process orders quickly, easily and seamlessly.

Before training begins, We will spend time learning about your business’s key-points and analyzing your Magneto know-how and abilities. In return, we will provide a custom training program focused on teaching you all the necessary skills to manage your Magento site and eCommerce store independently.

Keeping the Magento version running your eCommerce store up-to-date is a necessary component to maintaining a safe, secure and efficient site. Our  Magento support and maintenance includes upgrading your store’s Magento version, and all technical Requirements.

Prior to upgrading to the latest version of a Magento site, a complete system and file backup will be performed, to ensure no integration’s , extensions or features are lost. We will use the development site to evaluate the factors , and test the code modifications that may occur during the upgrade. Upon the completion of testing, We will confirm compliance and move the changes, from the development site, onto the live site, and once again confirm no conflicts or problems arise as a result.

When updated theme versions are released, we alerted immediately and will work quickly to ensure your Magento site receives the necessary upgrades. Opting for the Magento support and maintenance service from Kovaisys ensures your store and business will always update with the latest theme versions.

Our team is also able to provide custom solutions to your store needs, which includes the design of graphics and converting PSD files into themes. In addition, if there are any specific change requests, needs, desires, Kovaisys can develop the custom solutions that provide you with a Magento site that fulfill your exact demands.

The Magento support and maintenance service package offered by us includes the fixing of errors,bugs,conflicts and other technical issues. Regardless of when they began, or how those bugs occurred, the development teams at Kovaisys are experts when it comes to eliminating bugs and errors. The team will evaluate your site’s entire code and find the areas leading to problems.To resolve errors and fix issues, we will analyze your site’s single line of code and find the segment causing problems. Most issues can be resolved within hours.

Choosing the support and maintenance package from Kovaisys gives your business the satisfaction to know all the problems will be solve quick and efficiently . We offers Magento performance monitoring, which regularly checks the entire site’s performance and detect conflicts, bugs, security risks, threats and other potential performance issues.Our team will quickly address these issues so you won’t need to worry.

Now a days it is very common to see hacks and security attcaks on Magento sites. Kovaisys is acompliced of all the latest security threats associated with eCommerce and Magento stores, and will proceed quickly to address any potential threats that may affect your online store. The Kovaisys team will promptly locate security threats and block them before additional damage occurs.

sometimes Magento codes suffer from conflicts or redundant loops, which ultimately affect a site’s performance and can make slow the page . We will locate these conflicts or issues, and implement safe and effective code optimizations to ensure these problems are eliminated.