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Magento Developement

Magento Services

In the marketplace we are working with great interest and competition, the Customized magento Ecommerce store development,extensions development,customization and designing of theme and also support/maintenance services offered by Kovaisys can give your business an instantly achieving success. Our magento solutions grows with your business and provides you the right help to make great and smooth running of our magento Ecommerce applications .

The way that we offer solutions with amazing ability and great customization capabilities give you more space for expansion. As and when the in-house technology gurus feel the need to elevate the framework performance and give a higher sense of structure to your growing business, you can upgrade the solutions to Boost your reputation as the market front-runner. Besides, being an innovator never lets you down from the business perspective. By giving this possibility of constant improvement, our Magento development solutions present you a self-assurance that the success are placed on the table for your consideration.

Kovaisys provides an all-round Magento development service using a combination of technical expertise and creativity to deliver measurable results. We deliver eCommerce websites that are a perfect combination of appeal, intelligence and power. The easier an eCommerce website is to use, the more conveniently it will convert visitors into clients, and your customers will tend to spend more.

As a reputed Web Development company located in India, Kovaisys specializes in all forms of Magento development services that cater to the needs of its potential Customers. The wide range of the services has empowered us reach new avenues. The Magento developers at Kovaisys have years of expertise in the field of Magento website development. We guarantee on-time delivery and supreme satisfaction. We are determined to help you succeed. Whether we work on a new project or an established online business, we excel in exceeding our client’s expectations in Magento Web Design and Customization.

Kovaisyss offers a complete package of Magento development services, including:

  • Custom Ecommerce Solutions
  • Custom Magento Theme Development
  • Custom Magento Extension Development
  • Multi-Store Development
  • Best Responsive Web Design.
  • Migrate Extensions From Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0 .
  • Code Migration From Magento 1 to Magento 2.
  • Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.0 data migration.
  • Migrate Themes From Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.
  • Integration of Third-party extensions .

Magento Expert Developers and Designers

Our expert team and Magento Expert developers are dedicated to support your eCommerce site and working with you to develop a custom services package. First, your eCommerce site or online store will receive a free audit, which will include a complete technical analysis of the code, design, theme, extensions and user experience review. After your complimentary site audit, we will review the issues found and discuss options for improvement. Our Magento development services are offered as a single project or through ongoing monthly support, based on your needs.

Magento Development Projects:

Keeping the nature of your business in mind our experts will work on your Magento project. What was intangible so far will gradually take a shape when the strategies have been employed and will turn into reality. All the tactics that have been planned out will be implemented with the right techniques. At the start of the Magento eCommerce project, we will chalk out a blueprint of the end products, that is the deliverables and also give you a clear roadmap of the course of our action while on the project. $60/hour – Includes a time estimate quote which will not change regardless of actual hours worked. $60/hour – Includes a time estimate quote which will not change regardless of actual hours worked.

Magento Site Monthly Support:

With the ever changing technology, Websites often get cumbersome and to eradicate the same, we scrutinize your Site’s health and, make it uncompromising to the inefficiency. We designate number of hours every month, every week and every day as per your requirements and we make sure that your issues are dealt correctly.

We charged $549/month – Includes up to 5 hours of monthly technical support which can be used for any Magento services.

Magento Expert and eCommerce Development

Our developers, designers and support team expert in Magento and believe it to be the best eCommerce platform on the market. As experts, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best-quality level of development and maintenance services those are guaranteed to exceed expectations. Our team is ready to work with you to develop the best Magento and eCommerce site possible. To help you achieve a great user experience, we offers the following services: