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Magento Development Services

 Kovaisys is a Web Development Company located in Missouri, Expert in Magento website development services for eCommerce stores. As expert Magento developers and expert eCommerce solution Company, We offers the best online store and Magento development services on the eCommerce market Place. If you are having issues with Magento platform, or your eCommerceStore is simply not performing the way you would expect, Kovaisys can help you to fix it. The first step is a Free site lookup, allowing our developers to go behind the scenes to understand how your site is Working. After complete audit, we will give you a full report, complete with a list of suggestions for improving your site’s performance. We audit everything in your site. Many eCommerce Stores gave their Magento development job to developers in other countries. This often Causes many problems like communication problems, misunderstandings of concepts, time zone differences and etc . We are working globally.  Our Expert developers are some of the best experts from across the US and India, and understand the Global eCommerce industry better than others.

Magento Development Services We Offered

Kovaisys offers Magento development services that empowers your business with exceptional & powerful features by rendering result-oriented solutions for your online business. Our Magento solutions take you an Next level over your competitors, allowing you to focus on your core business. We help you in your eCommerce ventures and help you transform your visitors into prospective customers. With our professional experience, we believe that we can be your most effective solution partner! Our technical specialists, who are always proactive, active, and reactive to make your store go on certainly. Kovaisys can solve all Magento problems, build any Magento site or extension, and support every Magento eCommerce store.

Here are a few of the Magento development services We are Providing :

  • Magento Code Audit
  • Optimization of Magento Site
  • Magento Security Patches and Site Updates
  • PSD to Magento Conversion
  • Magento Store Development from Scratch
  • Template Customization
  • Custom Extensions Development
  • Multi-Store Development
  • Magento Design and Theme Development

Magento Code Audit

On code audit, We evaluates the site’s entire architecture and maping, looking for security issues, errors and Why the site causing slow performance. on Audit we will Check that the Magento site, theme, security patches and that all extensions are upgraded to the latest supported version or not.  Reviewing core file modifications/overrides and examining all the change to assure no functionality was altered as a result. We Check the core code files to sure no conflicts are happening, the code optimization for Speed performance and functionality.

Magento Security Patches and Site Updates

Magento is a great way to quickly build complex solutions for your business; however, security issues can be easily discovered with default magento version. When security patches for open source systems are released, it’s critical to apply patches as soon as possible to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. One drawback to open source solutions is that not only your developers, but a legion of hackers also know the internals of the application. With any application where money is involved, there are those that want to take advantage of you and your customers. But Now You no need to worry ,Time now to patch your Magento based website with all the security patches. IF you haven’t done that as yet, it is time now! If you run a Magento eCommerce website, protecting your websites with latest updates. We have patched lot of websites and can easily do your website. Kovaisys is available 24/7 to take the necessary actions. First, We will test the updates or patches on a development or test Server to assure safe integration. After complete testing in a safe environment occurs, we will then move the patch to the live Server and test again for potential issues.If there is no Magento test site available for a eCommerce Site, We offers access to our own servers and can prepare a testing and development site there.